Fuel Station

Life Extension
for the Satellite


OrbitAID Aerospace Private Limited seeks to be first India's indigenous company in the emerging field of On-orbit servicing (OOS). On-orbit satellite servicing entails servicing, refueling, repairing, and even upgrading satellites that are in orbit. The company focuses initially on “in-orbit refueling” for the satellites. In the future, it seeks to graduate to more complex space operations like repair, upgrade, assembly, orbit correction, de-orbit and debris removal.

Our Vision

To be an indigenous-built, Homegrown Satellite Sustainability Company supporting a self-sufficient India.

We are doing in-orbit servicing to change the paradigm of satellite launches and the cost associated with it by in-orbit refueling for the satellites.

We are targeting to supply satellite propellants for LEO, GEO, and interplanetary missions.

In-Orbit Services

Satellite has a lifespan?

Yes, it's decided based on propellant capacity. Every year, functional satellites providing weather data, communications, and other essential services are retired due to fuel depletion and will act as space junk. But satellite life can be extended by refueling it in orbit itself. OrbitAID has developed a patent-pending technology for in-orbit refueling the satellite called “Standard Interface Docking and Refueling Port (SIDRP)”.

SIDRP is a combination of a fill/drain valve and a docking mechanism.

  • Drop-in spacecraft design
  • Ground and in-orbit services
  • The autonomous dual docking mechanism
  • Safe fuel transfer port
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective in-orbit refueling

Tanker satellites will be readily available at various orbits for refueling the satellite with different capacities.

Our Team

Sakthikumar R

Founder & CEO

Mano Balaji K

Co-Founder & CMO

Anil Kumar Bhandiwad

On-Orbit Mission Director

Chandrika TM

Control System Lead

Our Partners