Fuel Station

Life Extension


OrbitAID Aerospace Private Limited is developing satellite life extension solutions enabling longer mission duration, reduced space debris generation and enhanced operational flexibility. OrbitAID is working towards a holistic approach towards sustainable spacecraft operations beginning with refueling, then expanding in other on-orbit servicing operations like repairs, upgradation, de-orbiting and debris removal.

Our Vision

To establish a paradigm shift in how the space ecosystem operates.

Integrating on-orbit refueling as part of the space ecosystem dramatically lowers the operational costs and enables dynamic satellite operations.

We are supplying propellant tanker satellites to LEO, GEO , cis-Lunar and interplanetary missions.

Satellite Life Extension

Do satellites have a lifespan?

Yes, it's determined by the propellant capacity. Every year, functional satellites that provide weather data, communications, and other essential services are retired due to fuel depletion, becoming space debris.

Just as there is a robust refueling ecosystem currently available for ground-based locomotives, a similar ecosystem is necessary in space for the efficient utilization of spacecraft resources.

OrbitAID is developing an orbital propellant supply chain through our constellation of Tanker satellites, which will reduce overall operational costs and enhance operational flexibility.

Tanker Satellites

We are developing a constellation of tanker satellites to establish a 'Fuel Station in Space.' These tanker satellites are equipped with the technological capabilities necessary for docking and fuel transfer to client satellites. They will be strategically positioned in various orbits and will carry a range of fuels, including monopropellants, bi-propellants, and electric propulsion fuels, depending on the specific needs of the client.

Standard Interface for Docking and Refueling Port (S.I.D.R.P)

We provide our clients with refueling accessibility through our proprietary autonomous docking and refueling interface. The S.I.D.R.P was developed with dual-docking redundancy and is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing connectors.

  • Drop-in integration
  • Ground and in-orbit services
  • Autonomous dual docking mechanism
  • Safe fuel transfer port
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective in-orbit refueling
  • Our Team

    Sakthikumar R

    Founder & CEO

    Nikhil Balasubramanian

    Co-Founder & COO

    Mano Balaji K

    Co-Founder & CMO

    Anil Kumar Bhandiwad

    On-Orbit Mission Director

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